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Trans-Generational healing can be used to uncover the source of chronic conditions and illnesses, identifying the key stress that is affecting normal healthy function. Additionally, this moving and powerful way of working can be used to examine the emotional factor connected to chronic conditions such as:

Multiple Sclerosis
ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
High Blood Pressure
Drug Addictions
Sexual Addictions and Dysfunction

In addition, if you have a child that suffers from hyperactivity, autism or any similar ailment, they too can benefit.
The basis of this healing work is that emotional stress is the main component of any and all illnesses. However, having said that we are very clear in our statement that this work is NOT intended to replace any treatment, diagnosis or therapy as offered by your medical doctors. John Payne is NOT a qualified medical practitioner but simply offers this work as an opportunity for you to uncover emotional stress as a contributing factor of your condition.


A Family Constellation is created where members of a group are asked to represent members of a family. Everyone is intuitively placed in a position, including an individual that takes the place of yourself whereby the family constellation comes to life. Those who represent family members begin to feel out the emotions, fears and desires of the persons concerned. Through this method disharmony comes to light. In a very remarkable and astounding way, the true story of the family is expressed and clearly seen for the 1st time.

Each of us is connected to one another at the level of the Soul. We are all connected with one another through what has been commonly called the morphogenic field. This field literally connects us all telepathically to one another and is particularly true for a family. You are connected energetically and emotionally to your family for the entire period of your physical life, regardless of how much distance you may think you’ve created.

With participation by those who ‘play’ the roles of others, the family constellation becomes a deep experience. Many people report recognizing situations they represent but are surprised at how intense the experience can be Irrespective of your age, each of us is a child, and what a child wants more than anything else is to find harmony within the family. 

Structural Constellations

Structural Constellations may be used to look the major organs of the body such as: Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, Heart, Pancreas and so on and so forth. 

Each of these organs works together in harmony in order to preserve the good functioning of the human organism. However, we have observed that the major organs in themselves carry and store memories and at times these memories are not even our own, but originate from the family system. For example, the trauma experienced by your ancestors could be stored in your kidneys leading to dysfunction in the entire system. 


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